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Taking a photograph sometimes feels like peering out the window.

One of the particular things I miss about living in Boston is walking everywhere and being present in the moment. Sometimes driving can feel too much like a spaceship, transporting me from time and space in a matter of light-seconds. I’m either too busy changing freeways or missing my turn to capture the streets firsthand, and the light always changes by the time I have my camera ready to fire. Therefore, whenever I have a moment to step out of the driver’s seat, I go on photo walks and relieve some creative tension.

These particular exposures were taken during my April visit to Boston, where I annoyed some geese and aimlessly strolled from Allston to Harvard with my analogue Canon point-and-shoot.


The only thing that makes me feel less hallow is smoke in my lungs, Bathroom @ Refuge


Golden Flower, painted by me and friends outside of Jack and Brandon’s old apartment sophomore year


From the Harvard Yard


Black Lives Matter, St. Paul Church, Mt Auburn St


View from the Cambridge esplanade


Three Geese by the Charles, Memorial Dr esplanade


Shadows on the Pedestrian Bridge, a self-timer selfie boof


Tree silhouettes back on the Storrow Dr. esplanade


Golden Hour silhouette

Some tunes for your next walkabout.

– Tyler


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