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#Crushing on Mike Brodie: The Train-Hoppin’ Narrator

Mike Brodie came to me by way of tumblr. He sporadically hopped my reblog radar until finally I said shut up and wikipediaded him. This is Mike Brodie:

Self-Portrait of Mike Brodie aka the Polaroid Kidd. Shot from a SX-70.

Self-Portrait of Mike Brodie aka the Polaroid Kidd. Shot from a SX-70.

Born in Pensacola, FL in 1985, Brodie’s life took a twist when he left home to become a trainhopper. Legend has it that he was working at a grocery store around the time when he stumbled into a vagrant, hopping a train going to Jacksonville. These testaments are shrouded in mystery, although they venture off into his young adulthood, documenting his travels with a Polaroid Sx-70, loaned from a friend. His work has been divided into two exhibits. The first ones show his premier experience with the Ride Culture and his raw vision for pictorial storytelling.

Screen shot 2015-03-04 at 2.59.04 PM

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Brodie’s vision for storytelling is what helped define him as a modern day photojournalist. He was able to capture a sense of place, and time, and relay it to the viewer in an artistic fashion. His images captured the faces of America’s underbelly victims. He now lives his lifelong dream of being a mechanic.



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