Visual Journal

A Couple of California Christmases Ago

LOS ANGELES (2008) — I’m 13 years old and still have yet to discover skinny jeans or even Bob Dylan.

It was an early walk on a lovely day around the hood with my new digital Kodak point-and-shoot. Another Christmas and another digital camera that I could take pictures of my friends with and then break while trying to take more pictures of my friends. My test run with my new gadget turned a visual focus on my first community in order to capture the play of raw sunlight with gentle shadows.124_0230 124_0172 124_0161  124_0163 124_0171 124_0173 124_0180 124_0181 124_0183 124_0199 124_0201 124_0202  124_0206 124_0207 124_0208 124_0165 124_0209 124_0211 124_0212 124_0219  124_0220 124_0221 124_0222 124_0223 124_0224 124_0226 124_0228

– TB


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