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Californians from the tip of Humboldt to the southern reaches of San Diego can all agree that we are long overdue for a seismic thrust to hurl us from our mighty horse. Upon the dawning of the 20th anniversary of the great Northridge earthquake, there has been a citywide superstition of when exactly the next earthquake of the same disastrous proportions will strike. The top story this week in the LA WeeklyNews section is an in-depth multimedia package dedicated to the California superstition of the next “Big One” being right around the corner. While not only exploring the subject of the local superstition, this breaking news piece highlights new material acquired from Stanford researchers that suggests that the next “Big One” will be much more detrimental than any Californian is truly prepared for.

Because of the comprehensive material and data used in the execution of this article, the multimedia content in this piece is far superior to the content of the average story. I really enjoyed how the LA Weekly used the research to give a graphic depicting the predictable path of the earthquake in order to relate to those who will be affected firsthand. This method hones in on the local citizen who is relying on this information for the curiosity of how safe they will be. A strong piece like this has all the potential and power to even get those stubborn Angelenos in the heart of this proposed earthquake to update their emergency kits.

Besides the strong content the reporter delivers, the strongest multimedia addition to this piece is the inclusion of the video courtesy of Stanford University presenting the scientific evidence. Even though it can be assumed that the LA Weekly had to pay a certain sum in order to acquire and use the footage, it would’ve been a truly assertive motion for the publication to send out a videographer and speak to other scientists in order to back up Stanford’s claims. I would’ve also enjoyed to see or hear (nods to audio slideshow techniques) some human testimonials on the subject as well.


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