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Gadget Throwdown

The chilling temperatures and frigid air of Boston reward any lens with a crisp impression.

The lens of my pet iPhone 5s never fails to deliver a meaningful impression, but at the end of my day it is an insurmountable difference between my Nikon digital single lens reflex system and my cellphone.

My iPhone glitches and loses my touch. The screen is frozen on my instagram feed and then suddenly jerks back into its black shell. I hurt it’s feelings again.

Okay, that was pretty harsh. There have been many times my DSLR has ran out of battery and the iPhone camera shelters precious material for an assignment. There have also been many times that I’ve been out of film/memory and my iPhone will pull through yet again.

Look, I got her out of her shell! She’s still a little salty so I braced the early winter chill and hosted a pet gadget throwdown on the esplanade.

Having the luxury of choice between both pet gadgets makes me the winner.

– TB


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